Preschool Director - Tracy Miranda

Education:  B.A in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University St. Paul, MN.,1995.

Personal Information:  My husband, Tim and I have been married for 12 years and have 3 great boys.  They are currently 10 yrs., 4 yrs. and 16 months old.

Enjoys:  I enjoy working in my flower beds, walking, riding bikes with my boys, reading, watching our older boys playing their current sport and spending time with my family.  As a family, we like going to the Joliet Jackhammer games, playing at the park and camping with grandma and grandpa.

Bible Verse with special meaning:  The poem "Foot Prints in the Sand" has always brought me comfort and happiness.  The poem has always reinforced for me that Jesus is never out of my life but carrying me through the most challenging times of my life.  He is my constant companion no matter how hectic my life becomes and that gives me great joy and comfort.