Beauty is Only Skin Deep
A phrase used to remind people that there is more to people than just appearances. Appearances do play an important part in this world, besides who wants to be considered as ugly. Actually we want to avoid the unpleasantness of being ugly at great cost.
Just like the start of Beauty and the Beast where ugliness is rejected, but then has some consequences. In the end, as Disney tells us, the beast eventually returns as the handsome prince with a better attitude. Which ends in the ugly being restored. But, is our goal in life to be kissing frogs to see if they turn into handsome princes?
Christ has a better way, which looks beyond physical appearances and talents. Christ takes the ugly so to speak and redeems them. From Christ’s view, we don’t need to change to be acceptable. Christ changes His perception of us, from enemies into children of God. When a person is baptized in God’s name and with water, the person looks the same, but there is an eternal world of difference, from God eyes.
So when we look into the mirror of our life, with all the blemishes and ugliness, we may cringe. But God looks at us and sees the His name upon us and we are beautiful in His sight. This isn’t just a fairy tale, but true life right now and for eternally.

Pastor Balla

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